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Summit Barley Pond Clay 1-Lb

Summit Barley Pond Clay 1-Lb

Summit Barley Pond Clay 1-Lb

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A safe & natural pond treatment to improve water quality which provides a healthier enviroment for Koi & other fish.

Artificial fish ponds typically build up various toxins and organic matter which naturally occur due to the decomposition of fish and organic waste products. The breakdown of these natural pollutants acts to cloud the pond's water. Through applying Summit's Clear-Water Pond Clay the pond curator can naturally remove these harmful by-products.

The material contained in Summit's Clear-Water Pond Clay is a natural occuring variety of clay called calcium montmorillonite. Harvested from natural deposits, calcium montmorillonite contains a plentitude of minerals, which aid in the production of enzymes in all living organisms. Thus, these clays are termed living clays. For this reason, the application of Summit's Clear-Water Pond Clay not only reduces the toxicity and turbidity of a pond's water, but also increases the metabolic functions of the plants and animals living within.

Clay's ability to remove impurities from water is possible due to its unique ionic charge. Clay particles are negatively charged, and form ionic bonds with positively charged impurities in the water. Through this process, termed ionic exchange, relatively heavy clay particles bond to impurities, thus removing them from the water column and depositing them on the pond bottom.

Add Clear-Water Pond Clay to your pond for clear, clean, water, and to insure the health and vitality of your fish and plants.

1-lb. treats 6,000-8,000 gallons.