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The Great Hikari Products we now have to offer............

HIKARI ECONOMY - Economical Daily Diet For Koi & Other Pond Fish
HIKARI EXCEL - The World's Premier Color Enhancing Diet For Koi Providing Outstanding Conditioning Of The Skin
HIKARI GOLD - Excellent Color-Enhancing Daily Diet For Koi
HIKARI HI-GROWTH - An Outstanding Diet To Build Weight & Girth While Maintaining Form
HIKARI SPIRULINA - Superior Color-Enhancing Diet For Koi
HIKARI STAPLE - Preferred Daily Diet For Koi
HIKARI WHEAT GERM - Germ Easily-Digested, Growth & Conditioning Diet For Koi
SAKI-HAKARI COLOR  offering improved growth and desirable form.
SAKI-HIKARI GROWTH Promotes unbelievable growth and championship form!
SAKI-HIKARI MID-SEASON accelerated digestion and steady growth even when water temperatures are cooler (below 15oC/58oF).