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Fish Food-Microbe Lift Fish Foods

Fish Food & Treats
Ecological Labs Microbe-Lift/Legacy foods are made by the extrusion process - not pelleting. During extrusion the cell walls of all organic substances contained in the food are disintegrated under pressure. The nutrients hidden in that cells are thus easily accessible for digesting agents, resulting in much higher digestibility in comparison with pelleted or flaked food. Additionally the Legacy foods have an extremely low phosphorous content. This keeps fish waste to a minimum and helps to ensure superior water quality.

The MICROBE-LIFT/LEGACY Nutritional Feeding System is compromised of the finest cold-water fish food formulas on the market today. Each food is manufactured with the highest quality ingredients selected for optimum growth and the latest technology for digestibility and color enhancement. All MICROBE-LIFT/LEGACY foods contain the lowest ash content and the highest percentage of digestibility.