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Pond Design Calculators


Here you'll find some helpful calculations to make your pond planning a little easier
If you have any problems, questions, please....
give us a call, there's always someone in the "Pond Shop" that can help you out.
Remember, we not only sell these products, some we manufacture !


To calculate the size of your liner


Total length of your pond     Plus twice the maximum depth   plus 2' for an adequate edge. 

Total width of your pond    Plus twice the maximum depth    plus 2' for an adequate edge

 example: your pond is going to be 6' wide by 9' long with a depth of 24"

Your liner length would be 9'+ 4'+2'=15'
Your liner width would be 6'+4'+2'=12'

For a pond 6 x 9 x 2 you would need a liner approx. 12'x15


To calculate the volume of your pond


Multiply the length x the width x the depth x 7.481 

example: pond 6' x 9' x 2'  x 7.481=  approx. 807 US Gallons


Pump considerations


Your pump should be able to process all the water in your pond at
least once every two hours at the minimum


Example: your pond is as the above example:


Your pond is 800 Us gallons
You want at least a 400  Gallon per hour pump


But...before you purchase. Take into consideration your filter size.
For the above volume pond I would put in a 1000 gallon filter. Look at
the circulation of the filter  match your pump to it.


Something else to remember. If your having a waterfall  you may find it more pleasing to the eye
to run another pump to your waterfall as the pump discharge from your filter, may not be
enough volume to be aesthetically pleasing . Don't exceed the filter circulation to increase
your waterfall appearance , as you will affect the overall efficiency of your filter.


Filter Calculations


In this case bigger is always a little better. Always get the next largest filter
if possible. It will compensate for the imbalance and will keep your
fish a pond water healthy & beautiful


Sizing a pond for Fish


No more than 10" of fish per 100 gallons of water


Fish Feeding Formula


Reduce feeding fish when the water temperature is 42°F to 65°F

Don't feed fish when water temperature is lower than 42°F
(they can't digest it and you will more than likely kill them)


To calculate electrical power used


Amps x volts= (watts) divided by 1000 x $per Kilowatt hour x 24 hours per day x 30.5 per month
= cost per month


Example: The electrical rating for your pond pump is :  2. 5 amps/115 volts


2.5 x 115=287.5 watts


287.5  Divided by  1000  x 10 cents per Kilowatt hour x 24 x 30.5= $21.04
per month to operate




Always use larger tubing if possible


For every 10' of tubing used add another foot to the lift for friction loss


If you would like any assistance at all please do not hesitate to call.
If you know of other calculations that would be helpful Please call us and
we will gladly add them to this page and place your name next to the addition.