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Reversed Metal Lettering for Concrete Molds

* Individual Letters and numbers 
Cannot be returned for credit. If they are received damaged we will replace.


This is not a stock item but it is made to order.


Reverse Lettering to Customize Markers & Other Smooth Molds
Stocked Sizes Listed Below, up to 3" Available


Also Numbers, Periods, Commas, Stars, and Ampersands
- White Metal -
Available upon request

Fonts: Sharp Face Gothic REVERSE

  78 pc. set includes:

    3 each: A,  E,  I,  N,  O,   P,  R,  S,  T,  1,  9
    2 each: B,   C,  D,  F,  G,  H,  J,  L,  M,  U,  W,  Y,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8, 0
    01 each: K,  Q,  V,  X,  Z

    Periods & Comma are half price
    Ampersands are the same price as letters
    Stars: 1/2" .......$2.00 each    1" ........$3.00 each

    Other Fonts and Sizes are available - Call for information


How to use Metal Lettering: Click Here