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Matala Air Diffuser Disc

Matala Air Diffuser Disc

Matala Air Diffuser Disc

SKU : MWT124

Matala Air Diffuser  Disc


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Matala Air Disc Diffusers

Matala Air Disc Diffusers offer superior performance than most air diffusers on the market today. These quality units are the perfect choice for any Koi pond or water garden and provide excellent aeration for ponds of any size.

These units connect to standard 1/2" air tubing but can be easily adapted to fit 5/8" tubing or PVC pipe. One of the best performing pond air diffusers on the market today and one our best sellers as well!


The disc is very low maintenance and in some cases NO maintenance.  Simply wash the disc with clean water and bleach if it ever needs cleaning.  Matala has had  some of these air discs in systems now for over 3 years with out trouble or maintenance.