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Algaecide - Liquid Algaecide from Aquascape - BETTER than AlgaeFix!

Algaecide - Liquid Algaecide from Aquascape - BETTER than AlgaeFix! 

Aquascape's New Algaecide! 
The perfect solution to string algae and green water! 
Aquascape's all new algae formula is plant and fish safe! 
Aquascape is proud to announce our new Algaecide to help you win your battle with algae! 
Aquascape Algaecide is a liquid algae control product ideal for use in ornamental fish ponds, water gardens, fountains, and container water gardens. 
Our new Algaecide effectively controls many types of algae including string algae and green water.
No one wants a green pond so let us help you keep your water clear and reduce your pond maintenance with our easy-to-use, fast-acting Algaecide! Safe for fish and plants, Aquascape Algaecide will not discolor your water or make it cloudy when combatting algae blooms.
•Controls string algae
•Clears green water
•Can be used on ponds with fish and plants