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Pond Aeration, Hakko,Matala, Pond Aerator Kits

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Note: Not all kits contain these exact products

Our Hakko Complete Pond Aeration kits includes a Hakko Air Pump, Air Base Diffuser and 5/8 Inch Self Sink hose, SS Hose Clamps a container of Microbe-Lift Autumn Prep.

High air volume aeration system designed to give your pond fish a constant flow of oxygen, the most important element for your fish pond or water garden.

Hakko pond aerators paired with Matala Air base units will provide a huge column of air bubbles bringing oxygen depleted water to the surface, breathing new life into your pond.

Microbe-Lift Autumn Prep is Specialty Formulated for Pond Winterization
to provide you with the an effective method of winter pond maintenance.