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Our Concrete molds are High Impact vacuum formed 3/16" ABS Pre-cast Industry standard manufactured especially for concrete pre-casting. These concrete molds will last a lifetime. They are a heavy duty mold manufactured for concrete producers. These are production quality concrete molds!!

Concrete Molds Catalog - Military & US Themed Concrete Bench Top and Legs Molds

Bench Top Molds are 3/16" ABS  -  Bench Leg Molds are Fiberglass

The benches will fit  two different leg styles:

#1  our standard Fiberglass SKU#554 Flowing Edge Leg
Bench Top is wide enough to sit on this leg mold !

Or, Our New
#2 SKU  #9856 Fiberglass Rifle Shell look Leg mold
(Top can be bolted to these Legs  - Bolts included with this leg mold