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Our Concrete molds are High Impact vacuum formed 3/16" ABS Pre-cast Industry standard manufactured especially for concrete pre-casting. These concrete molds will last a lifetime. They are a heavy duty mold manufactured for concrete producers. These are production quality concrete molds!!

Concrete Molds-Custom Molds Information

Yes, now concrete custom molds are just this easy.

Your logo, High School Mascot, Sports, Garden Club, Fun Raiser,
It's all at your fingertips and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to do it!
Here's how it's done!
(Simply click on photos to enlarge)

1.    You provide drawing or sketch of
of custom mold desired.  Camera ready
art in black and white is preferred, but
not totally necessary.

2.     We then will program the art work
for casting the custom mold and proceed
to make the rubber mold.

3.     Now it's Your Turn.
Begin by spraying a light amount of mold release into your mold.

4.     Next brush on a very light coat of
petroleum jelly onto the face of your
rubber art.  Then using a dry brush, remove excess Vaseline leaving only a very light film.    PLACE THE RUBBER INTO YOUR PLASTIC MOLD.

5.     An extremely important  step is next.  Using a hand spray bottle filled with water and about 20 drops of liquid soap, spray a light water mist over your entire rubber art.  This helps to eliminate bubbles in your casting by allowing the bubble to float away from the rubber art as you pour the concrete.

6.     Your mold is now ready to pour the concrete.  For stepping stones and other small castings, use 1 part concrete and 3 parts sand.  Do not use stones or ready mixes.  Concrete mix should be very fluid when pouring.

7.     Pour your concrete mix.  The concrete should flow over the mold, not dumped.


8.     When your ready for de-molding (usually overnight is enough), grab the rubber and slowly remove it from the stone.  It is not necessary to be gentle with the rubber as it is very strong and will tolerate some abuse

9. After removing the rubber, turn the mold upside down, tap gently and remove your casting.  Please note the crisp sharpness of the details and lettering.   Then finish as desired.